Why buy All-You-Can-Learn Pass (ALP)?
Wide Variety of Activities

Trying out different activities/schools is now possible with no strings attached.

Good for Whole Family

Credits purchased can be used for the whole family within the same account to suit your child's individual needs and interests.

Value for Money

All classes are valued at $20 or above or includes a promotion that only ALP customers can enjoy.

Terms & Conditions about
All-You-Can-Learn Pass (ALP)
  1. First lessons are available at 1 credit per class. Subsequent lessons will differ accordingly.
  2. Upon ALP reservation, your seat will be confirmed within 48 hours.
  3. Credit will be automatically refunded for unconfirmed bookings.
  4. Unused credits can be converted to eDollars subject to one-time administration fee.*
  5. Valid for 12 months.
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