Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When you find a class you like, you click “ADD” and the class will be added to your School Bag. At school bag, please select “Reservation” option and we will hold the seat for you for 48 hours while you visit the Education Provider’s centre. If you decide to take up classes with the Education Provider, please get them to confirm your booking on Flying Cape Compass so that you will receive your CompassPoints (rewards) for the booking.
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  1. Please contact us to verify if your booking has been confirmed. If it is not, please check your card issuing bank whether the transaction has been successful.
  1. Reviews can only be submitted by registered Members who have actually signed up with the Education Provider that they are reviewing. Each review would bring with it the unique perspective of the reviewer and, when considered along with other reviews, can be useful points of reference.
  1. Yes, if you have signed up as a Member of Flying Cape. (Membership is free – sign up You can review classes that you or your child have signed up for, whether these classes were signed up for through the Compass platform or not.
  1. When doing a review, we encourage you to stick to the facts. Our best reviews provide constructive feedback that helps the community of parents on Flying Cape make better decisions when booking classes. We strongly discourage personal insults, opinion not backed up by examples or generally unsociable behavior. Please refer to our Review and Ranking Policy for more details.
  1. You will be automatically enrolled as a Flying Cape Rewards member when you sign up with Flying Cape. To start earning CompassPoints, simply make a booking on our platform and you will start earning CompassPoints.

    For every $1 spent, members will receive 1 CompassPoint. You can also earn CompassPoints when you submit reviews for a class that you/your child has attended.

  1. As long as you sign up with Flying Cape, you will be able to receive CompassPoints and participate in our Rewards Programme.
  1. Yes, CompassPoints are valid for at least 3 years and will expire on the 31st of December on the 3rd year.
  1. Upon successful cancellation and refund (if any), we will also automatically deduct the CompassPoints that was awarded for that booking.
  1. Yes! To ensure that you get your CompassPoints, please remind the education provider that you are a Flying Cape member. We will award the points to you through the system. If you did not get the CompassPoints you are entitled to, or if you have inaccurately been sent a cancellation message, please click the “I Paid” button in the reservations history section or get in touch with us over email and we will work with your education provider to clarify the issue.
  1. There is no maximum amount in dollars that can be redeemed in one order. Happy booking!
  1. There are 2 great ways to get more out of your CompassPoints:
  1. Instant
    • On your next purchase on the Flying Cape website, simply indicate that you will be converting your CompassPoints at the conversion rate of 300 points = $1 to obtain instant cashback. Your CompassPoints will then be converted to dollar credits which will show up in your School Bag and which will be used to automatically deduct the amount required for your next booking.

  2. Super Value Deals(Coming soon)
    • You can also redeem your preferred rewards from our online redemption catalogue. Choose from a wide selection of items ranging from NTUC and Capitaland vouchers to exclusive Flying Cape events, classes with your favourite education provider, and many other treats.

  1. Please call/whatsapp our support hotline at 8100 3268 between 10am to 7pm on any working day. Outside of these hours, you may also email us at and we will do our best to get back to you as quickly as we can.
  1. Do drop us an email about your experience and we will do our best to help resolve the matter. You may also leave a review on your experience. In doing so, please ensure that the review is written in an accurate and objective manner.
  1. ALP stands for All You Can Learn Class Pass and it allows you to:
    1. Choose 3 or 5 classes from a wide range of interesting options such as tuition, enrichment, learning multipliers and so on with no strings attached.
    2. Options allow you to "sample" a regular class. This is not your standard trial class because if you like the class and continue with our partner, our partners will arrange for the same teacher throughout the term.
    3. The pass is valid for 3 months and YES! You can use it for the entire family.
    1. Log in to
    2. Log in with your email and password
    3. Select “Regular Class” at the search bar and search for "Flying Cape Store"
    4. At the Flying Cape Store, select the package you like and click on the "Details" button
    5. Select your Profile and "Buy Now" from the respective drop-down boxes, and add the class to your School Bag (shopping cart)
    6. Proceed to check in your School Bag
  1. Select "ALP Class" tab at the search bar and browse through a wide variety of classes *Helpful tip: Use the Advanced Search button to refine your search.
  2. 1 credit is eligible for 1 class
  3. Select the class you want and book to confirm.
  4. Proceed to check in your School Bag.
  5. You can click on User Account icon at the to navigation bar check how many credit is left
  • To book your class, you may contact us at, or call us at:
    • Adeline Low: 8100 3268
    • Jamie Tan: 9748 9705

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